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Bring your friends and turn your scary Halloween costume event into a party with a movie character group.

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Work together this Halloween to scare everyone with a scary couples costume idea

You and your better half will be ready to bring some serious scariness to your Halloween costume party when you put together a terrifying couples costume. Don't try to scare them on your own this year--it's better when you work together!

We have a wide variety of scary couples costumes that will fit the bill for whatever you have in mind. You could become a pair of devils, an immortal vampire couple, or ancient mummy royalty. We also have several fun zombie couples ideas, including the zombie husband and housewife and the zombie prom king and prom queen.

We also have lots of fun movie couples too! Pair up as Jason and Mrs. Voorhees with the sexy Friday the 13th costume. Or try becoming Freddy and Frederica Krueger or Edward and Edwina Scissorhands. And the fun doesn't stop there. We have skeleton, ghost, and gothic couples costumes too.